Welcome to the world of High Quality Fabrics with PARTH TEXTILES planted at Hyderabad, well engineered to manufacture fine to heavy qualities of Industrial Filter Fabrics. We supply the leading OEMS in some of the most demanding applications in the world with fabrics and composites.

Parth Textiles manufactures Filtration, Technical and Industrial Textiles and is possible only because of determined focus on innovation and technology time to time.

“I am One With Infinite Mission”


"Success is a Journey not a destination,
and it’s always about the journey
and not the destination"

Pramod Deshmukh the founder of the Microfiltech passionately started with the trading of the Best Quality of Filter bags and the journey followed on with the manufacturing of the Best quality of Filter bags.

we stared with the designing and weaving of the fabrics and soon began the manufacture of finished products, accordingly to the industry needs. And with the ability to provide the best fabrics.

Parth Fabrics was started in Hyderabad providing the end products to the Food industry, oil industry, Cement industry, Chemical industry, etc.

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